Held Down By Marriage.

I recently saw an advertisement for a television show that disturbed me greatly for one particular line.  It said something to the effect that marriage was an institution designed to keep women down.  How sad that line mad me feel.  How completely the opposite of that has been my marriage and the marriage of my friends.  So let me simply say this as a response to that.

That line was written by someone who doesn’t really understand women’s rights.  My ability to be true to who, and what I am, is absolutely and completely defined by me. Not by my husband or my marriage.

How blessed am I to have a life-time companion who cheers my successes as if they were his own and gives me the freedom to take risks and make mistakes?

How blessed am I to have a person who will lifts me up when I fall down?

How blessed am I to be married to a person who listens to, and respects and values my opinion more than any other in his life?

YOU define your relationships, and marriage, just like a friendship, is as much about what you put into it as what you get out of it.

Sure, one hundred years ago, in the days before woman had the vote and equal rights, in the days when women were considered property; maybe then marriage was an institution that kept women down, or maybe it was a place where they could be safe and valued.  But in 2019?  Today marriage between two people who love and support one another can be a place for a woman, or a man, to fly.

Personally, I think more people should try it.  And when times get hard…I think more people should stick with it, because it’s only through those times of diversity, through working out your differences that you come to know and love each other even more deeply.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been divorced.  But when you find that person…your person…there is no problem you can’t work through.  No hurt you can’t overcome.

Marriage is a covenant made by two people to love and cherish each other.  If that is keeping me down…then I don’t ever want to be up.

God bless,


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