Planting A Seed.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to read and write.  Growing up in a very rural setting there weren’t really a lot of visible writing jobs around, although I did entertain the idea of being a journalist (very briefly). Part of me always felt that I would write a book, but that would be a hobby not an actual job.  Teacher…now that was a real job.  (FYI, both my parents are/were teachers)

It took a long time for me to walk the journey that ultimately brought me to a place where I could do something I never actually believed possible, writing for a living.  And I now have the blessed luxury of only writing things that I believe in or feel strongly about.  It’s funny how God can plant a seed in your heart and nurture it slowly until it’s the right time for it to break free and grow.

Not only have I been blessed to work in comics for the last five years, I have had the opportunity to write some of the industry’s most iconic characters, including Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Conan the Barbarian.  I’ve also had a successful 17 issue run with my own character.  But right at the beginning, when I first started writing comics, God put an idea into my heart for a story and after more than a year of work and prayer and re-writes, that story is about to be completed.

Long before I typed my first word, I knew that I was going to do a graphic novel about The Book of Ruth.  After I had completed the first chapter I put out the call for an artist on Facebook.  I figured if I had to pay an artist, then I would have to keep working on the book.  Both David and I knew the look we wanted for the book, but after the first day’s submissions I wasn’t feeling particularly hopefully.  I went to bed that night and just put it before the Lord.  “Father you put it in my heart to do this book. I ask that you help me to find the right artist for it.”  The next morning I came downstairs, looked at my Facebook and there he was…Colin Dyer…the answer to my prayer.

If God calls you to do something, you have to know that he will always make a way for that to happen, even if you hit some rough spots.  I struggled mightily writing the final chapter of Ruth, making sure that it was true to the intention of the original and wrapping up the extras that I put in.  But I just kept on praying and in the end, I’m pleased with how it turned out.  My next hurdle will be getting this project in front of people.  It’s easy to let fear get in the way at this point and worry.  But I just keep holding on to the knowledge that if God brought me this far, he’s not going to let me down now.  I’ll be launching my Kickstarter on November 1st and I would appreciate any and all prayers for its success.

Here’s a look at the cover of my book.  I’ll post some other sneak peeks and special exclusives here first.

God bless,

MeredithRuth_Postcard 01


2 thoughts on “Planting A Seed.

  1. Howdy Meredith~
    I found your blog/newsletter via a podcast, CREATOR TALKS, and I’ve enjoyed your insights and emails… and I’ve also enjoyed your comic book work… in fact, I’m trying to track down all of the books from CAVE PUBLISHING… I feel like this is a publisher that I can and should support…
    Anyways, I am excited to back your upcoming Kickstarter project~! I do ask one thing: could you please take a look at the artwork of my good friend (and fellow Believer) Jason Metcalf? I don’t know if you have had a chance to meet him on the Con circuit, but he has been a Cover Artist for a few years and I’m sure that he’d be more than happy to do a Variant cover for your book. If you are interested you can check out his website:
    Either way, I’m looking forward to your new book and I’ll pledge at the highest level that I can… I may not have the Talent to do my own thing. but I’m willing to support those that do.
    Be Well~


    1. Hi Brian,

      Thank you so much for being a reader (I love Chris and his Podcast). Thank you also for pledging support for my upcoming Kickstarter. It’s a very daunting venture to say the least.

      I am actually familiar with Jason’s work and I think David has met him before as well. For this project I am only doing a very few variant covers and I already have them spoken for, but I have another project planned with the same artist and I will definitely keep Jason in mind. He does great work and I always love to support fellow believers when I can.

      Have a wonderful remainder of your weekend and my sincere apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

      God bless,


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