The House that God built.

Has there ever been a time in your life when you have needed to make a major life decision? For us it came a about a year and a half ago; first when we decided to purchase a piece of property in the country, and then when we signed a contract with a builder.

I can’t tell you how much I agonized over the decision to build a new house. I couldn’t get rid of the yearning in my heart to move on, but I was so afraid that I was being selfish, and that I was focusing on needs of this world and not of God. I spent a lot of time in prayer, asking God either to take this yearning from my heart, or to help me to know that this was something he wanted for us and it was not just my selfish soul speaking.

Here’s what I have learned from this experience; God is faithful and, like any loving Father, he wants to help us if we’ll let him. I call our house the house that God built because things have worked out so perfectly along the way that I can’t see it as anything else. Our current house sold in just four days! Even our builder has commented on how seamlessly things have rolled along.

I am constantly thanking God for this tremendous blessing that I know I absolutely do not deserve. As we lay out and plot out each additional piece of what will be our new home, each piece fits into place perfectly, like a jig saw puzzle. All I can see is God’s hand, guiding us and our decisions to create a perfect home for us.

I’m not a perfect person. I yell at my kids, I don’t always read my Bible everyday, sometimes I curse and swear…I don’t deserve the blessings God has given me. But I guess that’s the point. This house has been as much of a spiritual journey for me as a physical one. God has used it to show me how much he doesn’t need me to “do” anything for him. All he needs is my faith. All he wants is for me to trust him, to put my life’s journey into his hands and walk with him always. It is such a special, special thing to come to know God in this way, to see him, not as a judge who will condemn, as many would have you believe, but as a loving Father who only wants what’s best for you.

God has tremendous power to transform hearts. Knowing God doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes feel depressed, overwhelmed, lazy, selfish…but God knows me intimately. He knows the darkest, most awful parts of my soul and he loves me anyway. I truly wish there was a way for me to share the overwhelming peace and joy and love that comes from truly knowing God and having him in your life with everyone I meet. I pray that those I love will someday come to experience a life walked with God. I simply couldn’t do it without him.

So, while it truly wasn’t my intention at the beginning of this blog to draw the parallel, but rather to speak to the blessings we’ve been given, I can see as I write this that the house that God built isn’t just the physical one we will be moving into in February, in many ways it’s me. I’m pretty sure his construction work on my soul is going to take more than a eight months though, I can almost guarantee it’s going to take a life time.

God bless you and keep you, into 2021 and beyond.


3 thoughts on “The House that God built.

  1. I really appreciate your sharing in this blog. You always seem to have something that God wants me to hear and I can’t thank you enough for being faithful enough post. I just wanted to share a little something back today. With what you’ve shared about your family and your special needs son I truly believe that this will be a huge life changing blessing for your family. While I also say this from the heart that I believe that you and Mr. Finch deserve this, it will be so much bigger for your kids, all of them, and the experiences that you are going to be giving them will enrich their lives forever. It’s funny when God gives us our hearts desires we sometimes question as you had mentioned above if we are being selfish or if God really wants us to have it. I think that when we come to that place that we question it shows that God has already decided he wants us to have it. It’s funny but isn’t that always the way it is between a child and their father. Thanks again so much for all you do. I honestly can’t imagine how busy you and Mr. Finch are. I sincerely hope maybe cons will start back up and you can come to Kansas City. My wife and I would love to meet you. We’ve met your husband and he was really awesome. Thanks again and God bless.


    1. Christopher, thank you so much for your kind words. In many ways I feel as if taking a break from writing and blogging was God’s way of reassuring me that he truly doesn’t NEED anything from me. It’s hard to accept that at times, especially in the world we live in. That being said, I’m excited to take our Hayden for tractor rides and to feed the horses and the chickens. I’m excited for the opportunity we have to show Isaac and Everett a life outside of the city and away from their screens. I give thanks to God every day for the blessings he has given me.

      I look forward to the day we can travel back into the states and conventions resume. I miss all of our old friends and meeting people whom I’ve connected with on Facebook, yourself included. I know God has got this and 2021 will be another blessed year of our Lord.

      Have a safe and Happy New Year and thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. It means a great deal to me.



  2. Amen Meredith. Good to see you writing again. Love the country myself. Much more peace and stillness in being away from busier city life. It will calm your soul in times of storm. Make a nice sitting room with big windows or sun room that faces open land or fields if you can. That will add a space of calm reflection for all the family members who sit in it. God bless you guys!


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