You Never Know Who’s Watching…

I had a couple of things I’ve been meaning to write about this week, but instead I just wanted to share this little story.  Earlier this month, the first week I started homeschooling Isaac, I had him do a writing assignment.  I can’t even remember exactly what we were writing about, but he wrote something about me like “My mom is studying her bible.”   It gave me little lift in my heart to know that he recognized that God and the Bible were part of who and what I am and that they were important to me.

Today we were working on poetry and he had to reference a line.  He wasn’t sure how to write it so he wrote this… Isaac: 35.

He referenced the line like it was a verse from a book in the bible.

If you don’t think that what you do matters to the people in your life…then take note of the lesson I learned today.  Because the things that Isaac has brought into our time together aren’t things that I have pointed out to him as special or important…they are just a part of our daily lives.  He watches his ipod and Mom reads her bible in the mornings.  We go to church and every Sunday they have to copy out a verse.  The little things matter.  You can tell them what to do until you are blue in the face…today Isaac showed me that he is paying attention to what I’m actually doing, to the ways in which I am living my faith out in my daily life.

And, I think we can all agree, that this isn’t limited to children.  What you do is so much more important than what you say.  People are watching.  Are you showing them God’s love in your actions as much as in your words?

I feel blessed by Isaac today.  He showed me that, even though I often feel like I’m not doing enough, he’s paying attention to the things I don’t even realize I’m doing, and they enough.  I love God for reaching out to me through him and giving me that little pat on the back.  Maybe he knew I was going to need it.  God is good.

God bless,


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