I don’t very often get an opportunity like I had tonight.  Dave and Isaac have gone to Wainwright, Alberta to visit his sister for the next five days.  I have a lot of plans for the next few days…clean the house (that’s an early one so that it will stay clean for the entire time they are gone), finish a script I am working on (it’s due on the 31st so that was a given) and tonight God surprised me with the following…renew my faith.

I posted this morning that I was going to spend some time meditating and I absolutely did.  What I didn’t expect was God’s response.

Tonight I had an amazing visit with Hayden full of giggles and belly laughs and then I had such a sweet dinner with Everett.  I can’t remember the last time we had dinner together, just the two of us.  My heart was already full when I sat down after dinner to relax with a show.  It’s been a long time since I have watched a faith based show or movie, but tonight I felt drawn to watch “Risen” on Netflix.

There is something special about watching a movie that you can feel God’s hand in.  When you are finished you feel lifted up, renewed in your faith.  We may not be blessed to have the experience of actually walking with Jesus, but for the first time in centuries we are absolutely blessed to be able to experience faith based, cinematic interpretations of the gospel.  And as I sat there, finding myself imaging the experiences of those involved in the discovery of that empty tomb, all I could think was how great is our God.  Our God, who in 2019 provides us with so many ways to experience his gospel.

I can’t praise more highly the movie makers, the song writers, the authors, the producers of amazing internet content.  I can only pray that someday, something I write inspires others the way their work has inspired me.

By the end of my movie tonight I was on my knees, just as I am for every movie that reminds me of the incredible love and sacrifice of my lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Tonight I am singing at the top of my lungs to my favorite songs and lifting my arms in praise to the Lord of this glorious world we live in who loves us more that we can possibly imagine.

Here are movies/shows I have watched that have touched or inspired me:


The Case for Christ

War Room

The Passion of the Christ (obviously)

I Can Only Imagine

Heaven is for Real

Son of God

Paul, Apostle of Christ

AD Kingdom and Empire

The Shack

The God’s Not Dead series (not every movie is amazing, but the message is so powerful)

If you want a list of songs that I find inspiring (aka what I am listening to tonight) feel free to check out my playlists on Apple Music.

I hope and pray for everyone to have the life altering experience of the love and joy of knowing Jesus Christ.

God bless,


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