As you may know, David and I are blessed to have the luxury of working from home, even prior to this covid-19 crisis.  We have however taken this opportunity, much like many of you, to spend more time together as a family.  One of the things we have started doing is more family movie nights with Isaac.  Thus far we have watched, Frozen II, Spies, A Dog’s Purpose and last night we watched Heaven Is For Real (on Netflix right now).

One of the things I love most about this movie is watching the very real, and painful crisis of faith the father (a pastor) goes through as he wrestles with the miraculous possibility that his son visited heaven during a life and death struggle with a ruptured appendix.  His journey is something that I think we can all relate to.  “Do we really believe in God when we are confronted with a truth or reality that makes us uncomfortable?”

I’ve had several discussions with a good friend about their biggest obstacle to being a believer; that people will think that they are dumb, or ignorant for believing in God.  We live in a world that has convinced us that it is okay to believe in a higher power.  But, if you ever dare to suggest that there is a very real God that wants an intimate relationship with his creation…and people look at you like you’re a few cards short of a deck.  That was in fact a sentiment expressed in the movie “The Bible says ‘believe his children’.  What my child’s telling me (that heaven is real) will get me laughed out of town.”

The fear of being considered a fool for believing in God was something I struggled with myself early on in my faith journey, (if you look back I posted an earlier blog about it).  But I want you to know that God isn’t a myth! He loves each and every one of us.  During these troubled times, where it seems as if every day we are confronted with increasingly frightening statistics, I ask you to consider stepping outside your comfort zone.  I ask you to consider the idea that there is indeed a Sovereign Lord in control of this universe.  I ask you to stop being afraid of what people might think of you, or your intelligence and consider allowing Him to be a part of your life.  God walks with me and beside me every single day of my life.  When I turn to Him in times of turmoil and conflict He always answers me.  He ALWAYS answers me.  I ask you to consider that even through you might not be ready for a relationship with Him right now, He’ll be ready and waiting whenever you are.

God bless and keep each and everyone of you.  And let us all pray for those on the front lines of this crisis, doctors, nurses, essential store employees who risk their lives everyday so that we can buy groceries and necessary supplies.  We are all in this together, and together we are all held in God’s hand.




The Heart of Man

Last night I watched the most incredible documentary/movie on Netflix.  It was called “The Heart of Man”…the story of the prodigal son.

I don’t know how to describe this movie.  It is so incredibly well shot. The imagery is perfectly balanced and poignant.  While the movie focuses specifically on an addiction, it’s messages about shame, and the darkness we feel when we believe our behavior will   bring God’s judgement upon us, are messages that we all need to hear.

As someone who has been open about my own journey about not living up to expectations and guilt, the idea of letting go of the shame of not being the perfect person you think God wants you to be is liberating and powerful, and although part of my journey this month has been embracing this, I feel as if this movie reiterated that point for me.

I want to share with you with a few quotes that I found especially powerful and the Cory Asbury song from the end of the movie.

“I wonder if one of the greatest truths that I and men like me might hear is that God is with me in my darkness, that God is with me in my shame, and that He’s with me in my addiction, in my pain, in my unsettledness, in my woundedness, that I don’t want anybody else to see.”

” When He calls us a saint, he makes an incredible statement about us, we are no longer defined by being a sinner…and we have a choice.  I can continue on the way I have been going, or I can make a choice, in time, when I say God, this is who you say I am.  I am Your beloved and I am new, and I am good.”

“The way home, every single time, is this.  After my worst failure, after I am convinced this time I have gone too far and destroyed too much, I must believe who God says I am.  I am not defined by my erratic behaviors, but by something so much deeper, infinitely strong, and constant.  I am a new creature.”