A Season of Rest

It’s been a bit hit and miss with my blog as of late.  Part of it is that as the days have gotten shorter I’ve had more difficulty getting up in the morning.  It’s easy to get up at 5:00 when the sun is shining, it’s a lot harder when it’s going to be dark for another couple of hours.  Like a bear, it seems my body is going into a hibernation mode.  And as I enter this season of physical rest, I am also feeling called by God to rest spiritually.  That doesn’t mean that I won’t be reading my bible and praying, but it means that now is a good time for me to spend some time reflecting and growing in my relationship with God.

I love that God always has perfect timing.  I feel like Christmas is the time of year when our earthly home is the most like our heavenly home.  It’s a time when people love their neighbor as themselves and when God’s message of love and hope in the birth of his son, Jesus is visible everywhere.  Lawn signs saying “Jesus is the reason for the season and nativity scenes are everywhere and people who don’t normally go to church will sit in pews on Sunday mornings and Christmas eve.

I will post occasionally, as I feel the need to share scripture or ideas, but I will be back in the new year at full strength.

I wish everyone one of you a blessed and wonder-filled holiday season.

Merry Christmas.


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