In my dreams.

So yesterday in the writings I posted from George MacDonald, he talked about mankind being condemned for the sins that we won’t give up, the sins we are called to abandon and instead cling too.

That got me thinking about other things that we cling to and refuse to give to God.  I think that has been a theme for me lately as I struggle myself to recognize what it it I’m holding on to right now.  What it is that is keeping me from have a rightful relationship with my heavenly Father.

Last night I had a dream that I was helping my grandmother get ready to donate a bunch of old and broken down chairs from her garage.  Now my grandmother died more than 13 years ago and she really wasn’t the pack-rat/hoarder type, but never-the-less that was the dream.  Each time they were getting ready to take the chairs away she kept coming up with a reason why she needed it, or couldn’t let go of it.  My part in the dream was to keep trying to convince her that these things weren’t making her life better.  They were a burden.  I have chills thinking about it.

I have said before that I think God sends us messages and we know know them when we get them because they are personal…directed specifically to us at a particular moment in time.  I knew that dream was something more than just a dream.  It was too random.  Last night I felt as though God was speaking to me.  Telling me to let go of my need to be “perfect”.  That is was only holding me back…that it was a burden.

What are you holding on to?  What burden is God telling you to give to him?  To let him carry?

God Bless,


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